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Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia · Customer Success


Rendered Text is looking for a new full-time member to join our growing Customer Support team in Novi Sad. Our product Semaphore is a web-based code delivery service for developers, with a global customer base including companies such as Salesforce, General Assembly and 500px. Our mission is to build a lasting company where talented people work on great products for customers who benefit from them. That’s where you step in.

When Semaphore users have questions, they contact Support and we help them as quickly and awesomely as possible. As a Customer Support representative you will handle a wide variety of inquiries, including questions about user credentials, email notifications, billing information and user management while delegating technical support requests to the rest of the team. This requires a logical brain and a spidey sense for solving problems.

Support is an integral part of Customer Success, and you will collaborate with other team members to identify the ways of improving Semaphore's user experience and documentation.

The most important characteristic of our support team is that we love helping developers. Semaphore is a tool that assists developers with delivering their code faster. Our job is to help — and so far 9 out of 10 users rate our support as "great".

Our customers love when we get back to them on the same day with a clear, concise, and friendly answer. You should be excellent at writing with superb grammar, a friendly tone and ability to explain complicated things simply. You will measure your success in swiftness, accuracy, and clarity. You should also be tech savvy enough to understand how Semaphore works.


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